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Dr Alan Jones

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Motivational Speaker : Mentalist

Alan Jones is a Motivational Speaker, Mind Coach, Performing Mentalist and Mystery Entertainer.

His unique skill set, experience and interests means that he is able to connect and communicate with a wide variety of audiences.

As a Motivational Speaker he has delivered seminars to Universities, Schools, Colleges and International Businesses.

As a Trainer and Coach he has worked with Sales Teams and Business Leaders (Xerox, Microtel, GE Money, JAD Logic for example) as well as within the Universities and Schools throughout the UK. Alan is an accredited De Bono Thinking Skills Consultant as well as a NLP Trainer and Personal Performance Coach.

As an entertainer Alan performs his own brand of 'Mind Magic' and 'Psychological Illusions' (otherwise known as Mentalism)

Coaching - One 2 One, Professional and Personal Coaching; Team Buiding and Change Management. Presentation, Communication and Thinking Skills

Education - Teaching and Learning, Motivation, Thinking Skills, Emotional Intelligence

Training - EQ, NLP, Therapeutic Hypnosis

Performance - Mentalist and Mystery Entertainer, exploring the power of the mind and the boundaries of the imagination.

Writer, Lecturer and Researcher on aspects of the Paranormal, Esoteric traditions.

Alan has written over 10 books on psychology, 'rational mysticism', esoteric tradition, magic and has contributed to a number of specialist publications. He has also published poetry anthologies and recordings of original music.

"Alan is a genuine Renaissance Man. A background in science; post-graduate degrees in psychology and education (having won two innovation awards for education); a poet, musician, philosopher, musician, speaker, broadcaster, theatrical director, entertainer, mystic and humanist... and more often than not the quietest guy in a group unless he's invited to share, perform or talk"

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